Welcome to Cutting Edge Woodturning

About Me


My name is Brian Wood, welcome to my website. I am a woodturner and furniture maker from the small town of Mansfield, located in the scenic Northern Tier of Pennsylvania. I began woodworking as a child working with my father in his contracting business. After high school I went to college and graduated with a Bachelors degree in Computer Science from Mansfield University.

I have always had a passion for woodworking and enjoy combining different species together in furniture building. My interest in woodturning began in 2004 when I bought an old Rockwell wood lathe. At first I did traditional bowls and hollow forms but quickly fell in love with segmented turning. I use both domestic and exotic woods to create unique bowls, vases, and sculptural pieces. I enjoy the challenge of combining the different species together in creative patterns that release the woods inner beauty. Of course the overall profile or shape of the vessel is of the greatest importance.

About This Site

This site is set up to display my artwork, particularly my various segmented turnings. If you are interested in purchasing anything, please visit a gallery which carries my work or visit me at an art show. In the near future I hope to have a separate page with links to several short videos which will better demonstrate my craft.

Example of my Work

Black raspberry swirl This segmented turning is made from purpleheart and wenge. The body of the vessel is approximately 6" wide by 4.5" high. It contains fourteen rings of wood, each containing 12 pieces. The top is mainly purpleheart, progressing to entirely wenge on the bottom in a purposely random manner. The finial on the top is 4.5" tall and it is supported on a 2.5" tall base.


Example Work

vase with model

A picture of myself standing next to one of my more recent large vessels. The vase stands five feet tall and is composed of walnut, maple, and wenge.